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HIV and AIDS Care and Treatment


Professionalization of Pharmaceutical Services


Pharmaceutical Information Sharing

EPN believes access to medicines is a basic human right and every effort should be made to ensure that all actors in the health sector take up thechallenge of ensuring that medicines are accessible and affordable to all.


The challenges faced by church health institutions in addressing HIV and AIDS include limited access to second and third line treatments as well as ARVsfor children. The lack of the diagnostics required to start and monitor people on treatment is


Professionalization of pharmaceutical services is an important pillar in the struggle of ensuring medicines reach all who need them. Professionalism and good govenance in church health systems as a means to support the delivery of efficient and effective pharmaceutical services cannot be overlooked.


EPN believes that information is power. Our network nature mandates us to keep track of international trends and policies on pharmaceutical matters by identifying, collecting, developing and disseminating essential knowledge, approaches and methods on pharmaceutical service

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